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Since 2004, We have been serving as a

Fully Integrated Production Company

Since Our Inception, Northern-Based First North Productions  has become a fully Integrated Independent Production Company that offers services in Audio, Video, Print and Broadcast that is second to none. 

We are a Fully Integrated Production Company...

Services Provided


We have experienced Audio Visual engineer and the latest technology available, we can coordinate all the aspects of your event.


Our Expert video team with over two decades of experience and the latest equipment can create high-quality videos for your events.


Print is still a strong marketing channel. We have the expertise and resources available to help with any of your print media needs.

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We have been producing Awesomeness in Northern Communities for over 16 years...

Some of Our Recent Projects

We have produced 100s of creative pieces for our clients. Our work includes production for commercial clients, cultural and individual events. Some of our recent cultural videos are displayed here. 

If you’d like us to help you with video production, please contact us. 

Here at First Nation Productions

We Offer a Variety of Services
for your Videos

Professional Video Shooting

We have the best quality equipment for video production. Our team, with over two decades of experience with the latest equipments, can shoot a high-quality video for your event.


We have a dedicated team of video editors to ensure that the final product is the best quality possible.

Voice Overs & Interpretation

We provide both voice-overs and interpretation services for our clients. Our team offers both simultaneous and consecutive Interpreting services in Northern languages and dialects.

We have produced 100s of High Quality Videos for Clients Since 2004...

Award Winning

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Our Clients Love Us...

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Why Choose Us?

We Have Great

We started as a Fully Integrated Production firm serving our Northern communities in 2004. Since then, we have become one of the production companies in our community with focus on giving back to our community. We are a team of First Nations’ people familiar with their cultures and traditions, communities and the people of the North West Territories. 

Our team of Audio/ Video producers have diverse production backgrounds, with expertise in a variety of production scenarios. This includes, setting up sound systems, speakers and recordings. 

If you need our experts to help you, please contact us.